feast ratchakru

eradicating street food out of Bangkok is an easy way-out and of course, a massive marketing blunder, street food needs to exist and to coexist well with the city, with the environment and overall urban development.

who are we?

Feast. is a group of collaborators; an architect, a landscape designer, a financier, a marketer, a musician, and even a coffee farmer.

From different walks of life, with different sets of skills, bonded with a mutual passion: the passion to find a way for the things we love to coexist with harmony in the context of 21st century society.

city, people& food

The city is changing and not always for better. gentrification is emerging in every corner, sidewalks are being cleared out for tourists to walk but aren’t they coming here for our street food?

the solution

For us, feast is beyond a business model, it is a solution and when it comes to a perfect solution it must always be a win-win situation, we created an urban canteen for the city, the people living in it and the food that combines everyone together.

design development

green wall | nature lights | degradables

Not only for the eyes, its purpose is also to stimulate better ventilation naturally, more oxygen and the special scent, even with closed eyes, one can feel the nature natural lights. And the operation will be sustainable.

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